SyneuRx is developing new drugs on schizophrenia, depression and dementia in order to answer the unmet medical needs in central nervous system (CNS) disorders. Our first few candidate drugs hold great promise to fast track the development process and reach a dominant position in the CNS drug market quickly.   Our competitive advantages include:   Strong drug efficacy: Innovative, breakthrough, new class of drugs. Strong results from world-leading published studies indicate the effectiveness of the drug is better than any existing drugs. When reach the market, the drugs can be as noteworthy as when Prozac was first introduced for depression, if not more.  

Low development cost: Because there is abundant evidence for safety of our candidate drugs we can reach the clinical development quickly. Cost of clinical trials is also substantially reduced due to Breakthrough Therapy Designation (BTD) and orphan drug status whereas the new drug is also effective for non-orphan common CNS disorders.  The BTD and orphan drug destination promises fast track development for unmet medical need that comes with substantial regulatory and marketing advantage.


Large market size: There are two BTDs and two orphan therapies granted a potential 7 year market exclusivity. Our drugs, once developed, will be the dominant CNS drugs for the market. There will be little to no rival due to the major patent cliff and scarcity of new CNS drug.


R & D plans may change

SyneuRx’ mid to long-term goal is to collaborate with internationally renowned pharmaceutical companies as strategic partners and pursuing development of multiple indications to maximize the market share. We will build up the momentum from R&D to commercialization. Our vision is not only to improve the illnesses, but also to reduce the stigma and social burdens of CNS disorders.