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We intend to move forward with our human-health focus, leaning towards mental health parity through developing potential treatments for schizophrenia, dementia, and depression.

In terms of COVID-19, I see us addressing this pandemic through a variety of tools, be it traditional Chinese medicines, FDA-approved chemical drugs, or regional-dependent health supplements.

As we forge ahead, we want to always meet these important health issues head on and with an efficient development process. Our goal is to bypass, when it is scientifically sound to do so, the sometimes decade-long delay or billion dollar cost chasm to develop new therapies.

Dr. Coyle Named Chief Scientific Advisor

Nov 18, 2022

Media - Health Line

Why Fentanyl Vaccine Could Be a Game Changer for Opioid Epidemic

“Just because we are seeing this breakthrough through an animal-based study does not mean that its efficacy will transfer to humans,” Dr. Emil Tsai, a neuroscientist and founding chief executive officer of biotech developer SyneuRx, told Healthline. “The biological divergence between the species can lead to unreliable results in the transfer.

“That unknown aside, there are a few points within the study that I am dubious about,” Tsai said. “It’s unclear why the results were more effective for male rats than for female rats. In addition, the decision to make this drug only respond to fentanyl does little to combat those who are addicted to opioids, as this leaves the possibility for them to seek out other opioid drugs.”

Tsai said the vaccine only addresses one part of recovery.

“It’s important to treat the entire scope of the addiction,” Tsai said. “Relying on biological methods is a piecemeal solution. It does not address the entire problem. Those who are reliant on drugs or alcohol need counseling and mental wellness for healing.”

Oct 04, 2022

Media - Forbes Health

Forbes. Dr. Tsai was interviewed and shared his commentary regarding the polio.

“No polio cases have been caused by wild poliovirus originating in the U.S. since 1979 until recently when poliovirus was confirmed in an unvaccinated, [healthy] adult resident of New York,” explains Emil Tsai, M.D., a professor at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.

“Given the facts of transmission, eradication of polio is a misnomer. While polio had been eradicated in the U.S., Afghanistan and Pakistan still have not eliminated the disease, and two years ago, it was imported to East Africa,” he says.

“Since there are still pockets of the disease in the world, there is always a risk, and it has happened before that the virus is brought into the country by international travelers.”

SyneuRx is currently conducting clinical development of two COVID-19 treatments— Pentarlandir® in oral capsule form and Airnecflu® in an inhaled form. Pentarlandir® completed US Phase 2 clinical trial in June 2022 (click here for trial information). The Phase 3 study is expected to be launched in late 2022 as a global multi-center clinical trial. First-in-human study for Airnecflu® is expected to launch in the second half of 2022.
Pentarlandir for COVID-19 (Oral Antiviral)
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Airneclfu for COVID-19 (Inhaler)
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NaBen for Adult Schizophrenia
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ClozaBen for Refractory Schizophrenia
Phase 2/3
NaBen for Adolescent Schizophrenia
Phase 2/3
NaBen for Early Dementia
Phase 2/3
Tannquilynne for Dementia & Psychosis
Phase 2
Synapsinae for Depression and Suicidality
Phase 3
Synxyrin for Treatment Resistant Depression
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