SyneuRx’s SNS Patent Applications Have Been Granted in Taiwan and in the US.

Press Release

Sep 10, 2021

  Taipei, September 10, 2018–SyneuRx announced today that its SNS patent applications, titled ‘Compositions Containing Benzoate Compound and Tannic Acid for Treating Central Nervous System Disorders’, have been granted by the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office and the United States Patent and Trademark Office. These patents cover the composition of matter and method-of-use of SNS in treating CNS disorders. 
  CNS disorders are complex and elusive. Over the past half-century, the drug development of CNS disorders have focused on monoaminergic neurotransmission. Because these drugs have the same or similar monoaminergic-related mechanisms of action (MOAs), patients suffering from CNS disorders usually need to take multiple drugs, and yet they still have to switch from one drug to another due to poor drug responses and adverse side effects. As a result, medication compliance is poor and risk of relapse and disease worsening is high. Overall, CNS drugs’ outcomes are less than satisfactory. SyneuRx strides its breakthrough in developing new CNS drugs targeting a novel NMDA platform — a more upstream and fundamental system in the brain — with broad indications. We discovered that co-administration of SND1 and SND5 lead to unexpectedly amplifying effects than just the single effect of either SND1 or SND5 alone. Therefore, SyneuRx has started to investigate the combination of existing CNS drugs with SND1 and/or SND5.
  SNS-series compounds are new molecular entities. SyneuRx’s in-house expertise and know-how in combinational chemistry have lead to the creation of SNS candidate drugs, which substantially enhance the absorption and efficacy of existing drugs, and are potentially “super-generics,” meaning that they are significantly different from and superior than current generic drugs. As an analogy, SyneuRx sees the old CNS drugs as one wheel of a bike, and our inventions as another; together the two wheels can make the bike propel better and longer, in order to increase drug compliance, improve patient conditions,  regain their brain health, and meet the unmet medical needs.
  Schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s dementia and major depressive disorder are the three leading CNS markets, and SyneuRx has selected SNS1-7 as candidate drugs for these areas. We intend to initiate clinical trials for each SNS pipeline successively and commercialize globally. In doing so, we believe that the value of our company can be elevated and the risk of corporate operation can be reduced. Each pipeline’s clinical development and business collaboration plans will vary according to the properties of the drug product, country-specific regulatory needs and market conditions. In recent years, China has been revolutionizing their drug regulations and policies with a new  focus on CNS disorders. China’s new policies are favorable to our SNS candidate drugs, and therefore China will be one of our priority markets.
About SyneuRx International (Taiwan) Corp.
  SyneuRx is a global biotech company listed in Taiwan (TWSE: 6575), undergoing clinical development of new classes of drugs for multiple major CNS indications. Several early and late phase clinical trials are currently in progress for multiple indications globally, including schizophrenia, dementia and depression.
Forward-Looking Statements
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