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“Under the shadow of an Omicron catastrophe, the ever-evolving mutant(s) have adversely affected the vaccines and monoclonal antibody therapies substantially that were based upon immunity against the wild type virus. At the same time, mutant-based vaccines, due to manufacture and regulatory hurdles as well as the complex global distribution of different viral strains, will not be able to catch up in the real world.

                                              Emil Tsai, MD, PhD, CEO

ACOVID-19 Efforts

SyneuRx is currently conducting clinical development of two COVID-19 treatments— Pentarlandir® in oral capsule form and Airnecflu® in an inhaled form. Pentarlandir® began US Phase 2 clinical trial following FDA IND approval in Q2 2021 (click here for trial information: NCT04911777). The Phase 3 study is expected to be launched in 2022 as a global multi-center clinical trial. First-in-human study for Airnecflu® is expected to launch in H1 2022.